Dear EquitySmart,

I was extremely nervous and dubious as to whether I could learn a program like EquitySmart never mind entering a total different industry.  I have always worked in the health and wellness sector and didn’t really take too much notice of the markets and financial industry.  My husband persuaded me to try it as he is too busy and we want to improve our financial situation as we lost a portion of our wealth immigrating here.

My first session was so nerve wrecking, but with the amazing support, patience and reassurance from Rob and then later Jose, I learnt so much and now I am more comfortable, confident and so much more clued up in this new world of markets, trading and investing.  Jose is just so brilliant and is an educator of a high calibre, I couldn’t have got to this point of being ready to start trading without him or the webinars that EquitySmart provide.  The one on one sessions with Jose and the webinars have been an essential and critical part of my training and have helped tremendously in preparing me to be able to start live trading.

For anyone considering joining the EquitySmart family (and I highly recommend you do ), you will NOT be disappointed. Attend as many webinars as you can, they are invaluable and educational and ask for support when you need it as the team at Equity Smart are always ready to help.  Thank you Denni, Rob, Bec and Jose for all your support and all you have taught me, I am truly grateful.

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