I was an absolute trading novice when I purchased the EquitySmart programme, apart from severe losses through managed funds. I became determined to manage my money myself, and remain humbly committed to successful trading.

There is much to learn, and Jose has been an excellent mentor with undying patience, running fortnightly helpful webinars, and ongoing help whenever needed.

I nervously placed my first trade late October 2013. This took me all day before I had the courage to press the buy button. Since then my emotions have been a lot more in check as I gain more knowledge and confidence. It takes much discipline to follow the EquitySmart rules, and as they become more automatic with time I should be even better rewarded!

I began with 5-6 trades of $5,000, now my 5 trades are around $10,000 each, which is a far better return than money in the bank!

I am very happy with my progress to date.

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