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EquitySmart is the result of years of research, careful analysis and expert design. EquitySmart’s goal is to assist in finding new investing opportunities, to manage your investments and ultimately to assist in making difference in your future.

The Home Page gives you a snapshot of your holdings, what you are watching as well as up to date news and the latest information from local and overseas markets.


EquitySmart will help you manage the trade lifecycle for each stock you own now and ones you purchase in the future. You can create as many portfolios as you like to manage a range of investments you may have. For example your Superannuation portfolio or maybe just a few shares you have purchased for your grandchild.

EquitySmart’s alerting system is one of the key features built into both the watchlist and portfolio. EquitySmart will keep a watchful eye on your investments and let you know when something requires attention. You don’t need to log into EquitySmart each day if you do not wish to, EquitySmart will email these alert notifications to you.

A comprehensive reporting function means end of year bookkeeping is a mouse click away. Multiple Portfolios can be created and a complete history of your trading activities is easily accessible.


EquitySmart’s Your Watchlist page keeps a watchful eye on stocks that have appeared in your daily scans that you wish to monitor. If the stock breaks through your low alarm then an alarm will be sent to you and a red bell will appear alongside your selection. If the stock breaks through your high alarm then an alarm will be sent to you and a green bell will appear alongside your selection.


EquitySmart is the result of years of research, careful analysis and expert design. EquitySmart’s Scan page allows you to scan the entire market each day to find out which stocks meet your variable Scan settings. A list of stocks is returned for your consideration and evaluation. If these meet your investment criteria then they can be added to your Watchlist for ongoing monitoring.

EquitySmart contains a unique market analysis system designed to bring to your attention your next profitable trade. This feature is one EquitySmart’s biggest drawcards…

Each day thousands of securities trade, change price and react to market events. Humans simply can’t keep up with this onslaught of information so we tend develop ‘tunnel vision’ and only monitor a handful of stocks. This can lead to us missing many, many profitable situations. EquitySmart’s analysis algorithms sift though these mountains of information to present a simple and short list of stocks you may want to consider.

Market analysis strategies that work offer investors a way to be on the right side of the trend. Of course, you should not expect to be perfect in the timing of your buy and sells. However, using the right indicators can go a long way to improving the odds in your favour. After all the reason we invest is to provide a secure financial future for our family and ourselves. We should employ every tool that works to assist us in that goal.


A graphical and historical breakdown of each of the major indices is presented each day giving you and insight into each market sector and which direction it is heading.


EquitySmart’s News page enables you to keep your finger on the pulse with a selection of Local and International headlines that are constantly updated with the latest news as and when it happens.


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"I would like to thank all the staff at EquitySmart for all your help. In only a few of months I started with no knowledge of the Stock Market and I am now trading with a very high success rate. EquitySmart is a great platform, with an excellent education course and fantastic ongoing support...."

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Denis L, Woodcroft

"Dear EquitySmart, I was extremely nervous and dubious as to whether I could learn a program like EquitySmart never mind entering a total different industry.  I have always worked in the health and wellness sector and didn't really take too much notice of the markets and financial industry.  My husband persuaded me to try it as he is too busy and we want to improve our financial situation as we lost a portion of our wealth immigrating ..."

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Sharon B, Bridgeman Downs

"I use EquitySmart nightly and it is great not to spend hours researching and looking over graphs as once you have set up your criteria EquitySmart will do it all for you and send an e-mail when a stop loss or buy signal is hit in the watch list or your portfolio, also the home screen notifies you as soon as you start the program. The program is great as being in the latter years and not a computer guru it is so easy to understand and use, the ..."

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Ron W, Walkerston

"I joined EquitySmart in June 2014 and since then I have not looked back. I find their software easy to use and it has given me great trades. Even on the days the market was falling I was able to find excellent opportunities. The support I get is also important to me, Jose made himself available to coach me and there is also a fortnightly webinar that keeps me focused. I am so happy with the results that I can now see my financial goals are very..."

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Rob K, Mudgeeraba

"I want to thank everyone at EquitySmart for the wonderful education and ongoing support you have given me. I have been actively trading for about 4 months now and just made my most significant gain yet. I realise, as you have often repeated, it is not the stock or my move, but the market timing and trend. In addition, by following your education, I have had very few losses and those have been very minimal. A lot of my friends are so afraid of the..."

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M Henry, Kayleen

"Can I also say how good EquitySmart is – a definite improvement on other programs. EquitySmart is much easier. Only including the initial bull signal for the scan reduces the overall scan results down to a much more manageable number. Once you have selected the stocks for the watchlist and set high/lows, then the watchlist itself is easy to view and maintain. I also like the way the portfolio is set out and how it shows clearly where your ..."

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Karen, Liverpool UK

"...with their understanding, perseverance, and the general follow-up with help, large problems became small. Courtesy, care and patience always present, nothing left unsolved...."

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Iris K, Prospect

"Overall, I think EquitySmart is magnificent. All the staff that I have had anything to do with regarding my problems from time to time, have been like yourself - the best there is. Thank You all so much again, I am truly grateful...."

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Lindsay H, Invermay Park

"I was an absolute trading novice when I purchased the EquitySmart programme, apart from severe losses through managed funds. I became determined to manage my money myself, and remain humbly committed to successful trading. There is much to learn, and Jose has been an excellent mentor with undying patience, running fortnightly helpful webinars, and ongoing help whenever needed. I nervously placed my first trade late October 2013. This took me ..."

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Sandra F, Croydon North

"This is just to thank EquitySmart for the webinars and confirm that they are most welcome and extremely important to keep improving our trading ability. Trading can be very disheartening without continued support. Most of the feedback we hear form friends tend to be on the negative in the long run! Once again thank you very much for your great support, the quality of the webinars is great and much appreciated...."

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Fred G, Wantirna